Atlas Portable Building, Inc.

The standard garages come in 20' x 24' and 24' x 24' with an 8' ceiling and 5/12 pitch roof.

You can choose shingles or metal roofing to match your house.  The base pricing includes the slab footprint of the garage, completely finished exterior, no interior finish, no electric, no plumbing.  Base pricing includes a 16' double garage door or two single garage doors, two windows and a walk-through door. 

We make a jobsite visit to determine if there will be any added expenses such as an apron poured in front of the garage door, extend your existing driveway,  additional fill dirt and site work or any additional expense you might expect prior to signing contract and the building begins.  Any changes that you make to windows, doors or other options you are interested in will be addressed.  You will know what your project will cost up front - no surprises!  

20' x 24' Garage with Brick

24' x 24' Lofted Garage

All Atlas garages are built on a 4" concrete slab with 12" x 20" footers reinforced with 5/8" rebar with a vapor barrier between the ground and concrete to keep your slab dry.  Atlas will always pre-treat the soil before pouring concrete to protect your investment from termites.  Our garages are built to meet current Florida building codes and wind load codes and are inspected during construction by your local building department at the same intervals as new home construction.

Atlas will customize any garage to meet your needs.  You decide on the size, number or garage doors, windows, walk-through doors, siding and roofing material.  If you want to match an existing home, no problem.  Let us know what you want and our architect will customize our plans to meet your specifications.  If you are uncertain the garage you want will fit, give us a call at 850-747-1836 and we will inspect your property at no charge or obligation to you.  


This 24' x 24' garage has 9' ceilings downstairs that allows for an 8' x 16' garage door on tracks.

It comes with a walk-through door and two windows.  Other options are available to meet your needs.

Pricing includes the slab, completely finished exterior.  Hardi Board planking is shown and price includes painting.  Vinyl siding as well as other finishes such as brick or stucco are also available.

There is a staircase to access the 10' wide x 24' long attic space. The price does not include interior finish, electric or plumbing.